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Financial Aid Department

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Federal Verification

Verification is the process that schools use to confirm that your FAFSA information is accurate. FAFSA records may be selected for verification by the federal government or the school for many reasons. For example, there may be unclear or conflicting information on the FAFSA. Also, the federal processor may select your FAFSA for verification at random. The verification process helps ensure students receive the full amount of financial aid for which they are eligible and to prevent financial aid from going to students who are not eligible.

To complete the verification process, all you need to do is provide the requested documentation by the listed deadline. We will provide you with full instructions and we have staff on hand to help you through the process.

The verification process is a federal regulation and must be completed in order for a student to receive federal aid and most other types of financial aid. If you do not wish to complete the verification process, and therefore not receive financial aid, please notify us so we can update your status. If you do not complete verification by the listed deadline, we will discontinue processing and cancel reserved, or paid, financial aid.

Documents should be submitted as soon as possible and are processed in the order received. Processing of your application for aid will be discontinued if all outstanding documents are not submitted by the deadlines below. In the event your aid application is discontinued, you may reactivate processing by contacting our office.

Deadlines For Verification And All Other Outstanding Requirements
Quarter(s) of Attendance Deadline
Fall, Winter and Spring November 30
Winter only
OR Winter and Spring
February 28
Spring only May 15