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Financial Aid Department

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Post Baccalaureate Class Standing

Post-baccalaureate students (students who have already earned their first bachelor’s degree) who are matriculated in a degree program or approved certificate program may be eligible for Federal Direct Loans if they have not already reached the aggregate maximum federal loan amount. PLUS loan funding may also be available for dependent students. Most other types of financial aid cannot be used for post-baccalaureate programs.

Post-baccalaureate students enrolled certain preparatory programs for admission to an undergraduate, certificate, or graduate degree program may also be eligible for Federal Direct Loan funding.

General Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for financial aid, post-baccalaureate students must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a valid FAFSA for the aid year
  • Be admitted into a degree or certificate-granting program at WWU, or be approved for preparatory program for admission to an undergraduate, certificate, or graduate program
  • Be enrolled in at least 6 credits each quarter
  • Not owe a refund on a previous grant and not be in default on a previous educational loan
  • Be a U.S. citizen or national, a permanent resident, or other eligible noncitizen
  • Have registered with the Selective Service if required to do so
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress

To learn more about your financial aid eligibility please contact us.