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Self-Paced (correspondence) Coursework

Self-paced courses are offered through the WWU Outreach and Continuing Education Western Online program. Self-paced coursework has important differences from regular Western courses for financial aid eligibility:

Limited Time for Course Completion

Although students have up to six months to complete self-paced coursework for academic purposes, students must successfully complete self-paced coursework in the quarter to which the credits are applied for financial aid satisfactory academic progress purposes. Failure to successfully complete self-paced coursework in the quarter the credits are transcripted may result in financial aid warning or suspension. It may also create a financial aid repayment circumstance.

At the time of registering for a self-paced course, students choose which quarter their credits will apply to. For example, a student may register for a self-paced course in mid-May. The credits can be applied to either spring quarter or summer quarter. If the student chooses spring quarter, the student must successfully complete the course by the end of spring quarter (e.g., in 4 weeks in this case) for satisfactory academic progress purposes.

Limited Enrollment Level

The amount of self-paced credits counted toward a student’s enrollment level cannot be more than the number of credit hours of regular coursework in which the student is enrolled. Exception: if the student is taking at least a half-time load of self-paced courses, the student is considered to have at least a half-time enrollment, regardless of the credit hours of regular coursework. The following table illustrates how enrollment levels are determined when students enroll in a mix of regular and self-paced coursework:

Mix Of Regular And Self-Paced Coursework Enrollment Levels
Regular Credits Self-paced Credits Enrollment Status for Financial Aid Purposes
6 6 or more Full time
6 3 - 5 Three-quarter time
5 4 or more Three-quarter time
5 1 - 3 Half time
4 2 or more Half time
3 3 or more Half time
2 4 Less than half time
1 5 Less than half time
0 6 or more Half time for federal aid only
0 1 - 5 Not eligible for financial aid

We strongly urge financial aid recipients to discuss with the Financial Aid Department their plan to take self-paced courses in order to avoid unexpected consequences.

See the Self-Paced FAQ or contact the Financial Aid Department for more details on financial aid and correspondence coursework.