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COVID-19 Update

The University has created a website to provide information and updates regarding the COVID-19 virus. When the University is open and operating under regular operations other than instruction, all employees are expected to work their normally scheduled hours. Supervisors are encouraged to use discretion and judgement on a case by case basis to allow remote work opportunities for students.

Interim Policy U5400.04, approved on 3/4/20 by President Randhawa, addresses potential suspended university operations that apply to all University employees. In cases of suspended operations, non-essential personnel may not report to campus. Student employees are generally not considered essential personnel. As such, they should not come to campus during a period of suspended operations. Not all student employees will be able to work from home but many may. Supervisors and student employees must work together to determine if working remotely is feasible. Note: students may elect not to work during suspended operations. As such, they would not be paid for time not worked.

Considerations for working from home:

  • Tasks must exist that can be reasonably performed from home by the student employee.
  • Supervisors must communicate the number of hours to be worked and the nature of the work to be performed, if the student will be working remotely.
  • Student employees must be able to reach their supervisor while they are working for job-related guidance.
  • Supervisors must be able to verify the hours worked by the student employees who report to them, in order to knowledgeably review their timesheets and authorize payment.
  • Supervisors must be able to identify and implement safeguards to protect University data and, as applicable, equipment from unauthorized disclosure or damage.
  • Student employees may be compensated for performing ongoing activities such as preparation, evaluation and professional development that are arranged between the supervisor and student employee. Human resources has created an excellent website for professional development activities that all employees, including student employees, can engage in during suspended operations.

Some best practice ideas for supervisors:

  • Ensure that you have contact information for all your student employees. Establish communication guidelines and expectations.
  • Communicate now with your student employees to determine whether they will work during suspended operations and identify and agree upon the nature of the work they will perform.
  • Find out if they have the necessary equipment such as computer access, internet, etc., to perform their work or participate in the professional development activities. If they do not, make a plan with them to determine what off-line activities they will complete.
  • Make a plan for timesheet approval, confirming the hours worked and documenting the work that was performed, including time spent engaging in authorized professional development activities.