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Student Employment Center

Off-Campus Work Study Employers

The Off-Campus Work Study Program at Western Washington University allows employers to hire students for the academic year. This program is beneficial to employers because they are reimbursed a percentage of the student employee’s earnings, but also beneficial to the student because the positions provides them with job experience. Please read the Off-Campus Guidebook for more information on the work study program.

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Job Posting Guidelines

In order to post an Off-Campus Work Study Position, you must have an approved Contract with Western Washington University. Contact the Off-Campus Coordinator at the Student Employment Center for more information on becoming a Work Study employer.

All jobs must be located in the Whatcom and Skagit counties. They must have an hourly pay rate (not solely based on commission) and must pay at least Washington State minimum wage. All other rules stated in the Contract and the Off-Campus Guidebook are mandatory when posting a position.

The Student Employment Center has the rigth to refuse to post jobs. See our disclaimer for additional guidelines.

Posting A Job

An employer needs to login and complete the online job description form. The job will be submitted to the Center for review and this process can take up to two weeks. If approved, the position will be placed online so that students can apply.

The Job Description, Educational Benefits and Qualifications fields must be completed in detail using the online job description. Additionally, the job description needs to give the Center an understanding of what tasks a student employee will perform.

Contact the Off-Campus Work Study Coordinator

If you have any questions regarding the Off-Campus Work Study program please contact the Off-Campus Work Study Coordinator at or 360-650-3158.