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Employers Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I get a copy of the Child Care, Day Labor, or Tutor List?

To obtain any of the lists you must set up an employer profile with us. This service is completely free and takes just a couple minutes to complete. Once you have an employer profile, you have two options to receive the lists. Option one: you may call the Student Employment Center and ask to receive any of the lists through email, fax, or postal mail. Option two: login to your employer profile and on the left side of the screen click "View labor lists." Then you may choose to view or email the Child Care, Day Labor and Tutor List.
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How can I post a job for Western students to see?

The first step for posting a position is to set up an employer account. Upon creating an account, we will give you a username and password. The username is typically your email address, while your password is computer generated. An email will be sent to you confirming the account activation. From there, you can go to, click on the "Employers" link, then the "Post/List a Job" link. You will be asked to log in. Once logged in, you can post a position using our template. Employers can alter their account information once logged into the website. It is important to note that the Student Employment Center's website is open to the public, so you may have non-Western students contacting you. You can request to see a current student I.D. if you only want to hire students.
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How much does this service cost?

The Student Employment website through Western Washington University is a free service.

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How long will my position stay open?

Unless we hear from you earlier, after two weeks we will contact you as an employer to ask about the status of the position. You may then ask us to remove the job posting or leave it posted. We will keep positions posted for a total of two months before taking them offline.
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Do you screen job applicants or employers?

The WWU Student Employment Center provides a referral service and makes no particular recommendations regarding employers. We make no representations or guarantees about positions posted by this office. We are not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or any other aspect of off-campus employment. Students are urged to perform due diligence in researching employers when applying for or accepting private off-campus employment. Please note that we do not check references or in any way monitor those who use this public website. We suggest you check references at your discretion to verify that the person is a WWU student in good academic standing. You may check references in a couple different ways. First, request to see their WWU Student ID Card, making sure it has a valid and current date. Second, you may ask the student for faculty references to verify enrollment in classes and academic performance.
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What information do I need to post a position?

During the initial account setup, our service defaults to show your name, address and phone number on all posted positions. You may request to limit some of these items from posting to the job board. Necessary information for the job board include an hourly pay rate, how many hours the student will be working each week, and a detailed description of their duties. It is best to be as specific as possible when posting available positions for students.
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Can I choose how students will contact me?

Our database will automatically default to post your name, address and phone number for students to see. You have the option to hide some contact information by simply editing your user profile. If you would prefer students contact you through email, you must post your email address within the job description.
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Why was my job rejected?

There can be several reasons to why your position was rejected. We will send a message indicating why your position was not posted. We will not post jobs that appear to discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age, national origin, disabled or Vietnam Era veteran status, sexual orientation, disability, gender, gender identity or expression, marital status, or genetic information. The Student Employment Office also reserves the right to refuse to post jobs that do not support the interests of the University. Full-time positions may be rejected during the academic school year. You are more than welcome to talk to Barbara Luton at (360) 650-3158 regarding our policies for posting positions for students.
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