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important information

WWU Employers: Effective 4/1/2017 there is a new Wage Schedule and Classification system. Please click on the link to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
New Classification and Wage Scale FAQs

Student Employment Cycle

Step 1: What is the Job? (job descriptions, classifications, pay rates)

Step 2: Post the Job!(employer profile, log in, post and close jobs)

  • Set up your Employer Profile by contacting the Student Employment Center
  • Log in to your profile
  • Submit your job posting online - it will be reviewed and posted to the job website
  • To take your job post down, click the close job link
  • We will contact you periodically to confirm your positions are still open

Step 3: Interview! (questions, eligibility, work study)

Step 4: Hire! (Student Employee Info form, hiring process, work study tracking sheets, audits)

Step 5: Supervise! (reviews, time approving, pay period reports)

Step 6: Check Student Employment Eligibility Each Quarter! (break, max hours, last day)

Step 7: Plan for Next Year! (work study allocations, requesting returning students)

Step 8: When to Terminate the Position?

Step 9: Contact Us! (in person, by phone, fax, email & website)